Adventurous Telugu Movies That Engages Audience

Adventurous Telugu Movies That Engages Audience

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Jallikattu is a new Telugu movie dubbed from Malayalam. It’s a Drama – Thriller, one of the most thrilling films to experience. There are a lot of hidden gems in this film which made it one of the Suspenseful Masterpieces that came out of the Malayalam film industry. If you want to have a mentally energetic night with a fresh mood for some chills, this will be your go-to movie.


RUNTIME: 1 hour 31 minutes

RELEASED: 04 October 2019

GENRE: Drama, Thriller, Suspense.

BASED ON: Maoist by S. Hareesh

ACTORS: Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose

DIRECTOR: Lijo Jose Pellissery

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Girish Gangadharan

PRODUCER: O. Thomas Panicker

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Prashant Pillai


There is a small village where the beaf for the people of that village will be offered by only one butcher. He slaughters house is the one-stop place for all the people who want meat. The story begins when the wild buffalo runs away from the slaughterhouse and creates chaos in the village. People of the villages lose their mind when such a wild buffalo starts to wreck the social structures in that tribal village. The film goes with a lot of subplots of the villager’s personal lives and their living standards. The love stories of the characters express their mindset that goes with their hunting instincts. It becomes really hard for the villagers to get hold of it. How they stop the havoc that wild buffalo created shows the tribal standards of social gathering.You can watch Jallikattu online on Aha.


All the artists in the films have gone their best and worst to be the best part of the film. We can see their hardest efforts in acting and surviving the day in the film. The “struggle is real” is a proper suitable statement all the actors would deserve. Their dialogue delivery is so natural that would make you feel like they are their origins and they made this short story into a real-time visually admirable film. The bluntness of the characters during their dialogue delivery are so in deep and emotional strong that expresses the struggle they have for surviving in that tribe.


– Screenplay of the film has crossed the intensity of what it is in the original short story.

– Cinematography of the film has provided a great visual excitement that any other visual media would. Cinematographer Girish Gangadharan has shown his greatest talent in the aspects of camera moments and lighting setups which are in total sync with this thrilling BGM and story.

– The art direction of this film has proficiently crossed the basic commercial films that ever came out of Indian film industry.

– The Organization of all the groups that acted in the film with such a mob mentality is an ultimate a job done by the director during the production.

It is one kind of film you would want to watch not just to understand but also to experience the tribal communities and understand their culture. You can watch this film on Aha and would make a great part in your watch-list.