Diagnostic Monitoring At Home For Children With Epilepsy

Diagnostic Monitoring At Home For Children With Epilepsy

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Children having seizure episodes are hard to watch. Parents are helpless these days especially when hospital visits are becoming scarier because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now,  these seizures can be monitored easily at home thanks to Seer Medicals’ at-home diagnostic services.  If you are interested to know more about what Seer Medical can offer, then you have come to the right place.

Epilepsy Diagnostics At Home

Long-term monitoring can be scary and uncomfortable for young children. Not all kids like going to hospitals. Most of them do not like their experiences there. Just the thought of having to stay there for days is enough to make this more difficult for the parents. With the home setting, children who need to be monitored for epilepsy will be more comfortable and stress brought about by the process will be somehow alleviated if they get to stay at home.

With Seer Medical diagnostics for children with epilepsy, kids can do things that they usually do at home like playing their toys and games, take their naps, and even bathe and shower. And these are the things that they would not be able to do if they stay in the hospital for monitoring and tests like EEG. And when they feel relaxed and comfortable during the tests, the data recorded will not be compromised.

Seer Medical At-Home Diagnostics

Kids aged 4 years old and above can take advantage of the Seer Medicals’ at-home diagnostic services for epilepsy. They have kid-friendly staff and support will be provided all week for questions and queries. With their advanced monitoring equipment, there will be no more wires to pull on and the monitoring periods are shortened.

The At-Home Diagnostic Process

So how can you book an appointment at Seer Medical? All you need is a referral from your doctor. Your child’s primary physician or neurologist will be able to advise if the at-home diagnostics from Seer Medical are right for your child’s needs. If you get the go signal and referral, then you can go ahead and book an appointment for the connection of the device at one of the Seer Medical clinics.

And once connected, you and your child can head straight home. No matter how long the monitoring will take, some will be for days as referred by your doctor, but your child will not feel this at all. They can do the normal activities they do, like playing, while they are being monitored by Seer Medical. Results will then be sent directly to your doctor about five weeks after the testing has ended.

Hospitals can be scary for children. And having to stay for days for long monitoring for epilepsy can be uncomfortable and boring for them. So why let them go through this when you can have them monitored at home? That is what Seer Medical can make possible for you and your child. This way,  you are assured that your child gets the diagnostic tests that he or she needs without having to leave the comforts of your home.