Employers reject health insurance, uninsured remain constant

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The health care reform bill was designed to reduce the number of people without insurance. The cost of medical care is at the highest level in history. The cost of health insurance is out of control. Employers are forced to make decisions that they thought they would never have to make in the health sector. For many years, employers have faced health care costs that exceed business earnings. Business owners or the board of directors intend to develop the company with a profit, usually with a large profit. This is a reward for risk and change in other people. When a particular expense exceeds the goal, it distracts because business owners have to deal with it all the time. There is a turning point for the business owner … Close the doors or cuts somewhere inside the company. An area that kills the company’s profits is medical care. Employers have already reduced benefits, so what will happen next? Employees wake up one morning and find themselves without medical insurance.

At some point, more than 60% of employers offered health insurance as a guide to work in the company. In 2008, this number was reduced to 50%. As of February 2011, this number fell below 48%. Although health care costs are skyrocketing, Americans are surprised to see the percentage of employers cut.

More employers abandon their health insurance plans

Mathematically, this would only add that the more employers abandon their health insurance plans, the less people without insurance will go through the clouds. For every failed health insurance plan, hundreds, if not thousands, of employees could be lost. However, in the last 2 years, the level of people without insurance has remained unchanged at 16%.

Employers reject health insurance, uninsured remain constant

The big question is, how is this possible? Thousands of workers lose their health insurance, but the rate of people without insurance remains at 16%. Of course, the numbers may be distorted, but not as a decrease in unemployment, because the unemployed have exhausted all unemployment benefits. There is a very specific reason why this happened.

There has been a growing demand for private policies for individuals and families. Some people did not know that you could buy a policy yourself outside the workplace. The best part is that, in most cases, it is cheaper than what the employer pays according to group plans.

Private policies for individuals and families are more portable, consistent and provide greater control. With employer-sponsored plans, employees must carry what is provided to them; They can’t take it with them. COBRA is the only exception, but it is very expensive and expires. Why do you pay so much and you run out of money? For those who try to retire before, they are trapped in this new term “Work block” due to health insurance.


Purchases of private policies are more permanent than employer-sponsored plans because an employer plan may simply disappear in a day without informing employees or employees. Today, in 2011, this happens every day throughout the country.