Heart Valve Health

Heart Valve Health: What You Need To Know

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Our heart valves play an important role in our overall cardiac functioning. They ensure proper blood flow throughout the heart and thus help to maintain overall health. It is very important that your heart valve functions properly- they should open and close 60 times per minute and should never stop, which means they are constantly working and are under a lot of stress.

Over time, the stress can lead to wear and tear of the valves. General issues that occur here would include calcium accumulation or thickening. If any of these become severe, then it can cause tricuspid valve stenosis. This can significantly interfere with the flow of blood. Even though you cannot avoid all the issues associated with valves, certain changes in your lifestyle can significantly reduce the risks. In this article, we have listed five ways that would help achieve better heart valve health. 

Blood Pressure

It is very important to control your blood pressure as if it becomes high then it can severely impact your heart functions and structures. Hypertension can cause valve stenosis. So you should monitor your blood pressure levels and take necessary measures if it increases.

Healthy Diet

High cholesterol can severely impact the working of your tricuspid valve but narrow it faster. Thus, you must keep your cholesterol levels under check. A diet with processed food, high sodium (salt) and refined carbs can increase cholesterols. Thus, you should talk to a dietician and get a balanced diet chart prepared for you. 

Heart Valve Health


Smokers are at a higher risk of acquiring heart issues compared to non-smokers. It accelerates plaque buildup in your arteries and promotes blood-clot formation. If you quit smoking, that would significantly reduce the damage caused to your heart and its valves.

Teeth And Gums

This might sound awkward, but keeping your teeth and gums healthy is equally important to maintain your heart valve health. Several studies have revealed that there is a link between the infections in your gums and the infection in your heart. Researchers state that, if you do not treat gingivitis problems, then it can spread through your bloodstream throughout the body and reach your heart. If this happens, then the chances of heart attack significantly increase. 

Heart Murmur

If you have a heart murmur, then you are at an increased risk of getting valve stenosis. Everything about this disease is not fully known and hence you must be constantly monitored by a cardiologist.

Thus, a healthy lifestyle and increased awareness can improve the health of your heart valve. Remember that once an issue occurs, these valves cannot repair themselves, and hence surgeries are needed to be performed. Poor valve health is a major cause of heart attacks and thus, you should maintain it properly.