Spring Washers

High-Quality Fasteners from the Best Washers Manufacturers

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If you’re not in the construction industry, you may not be familiar with the tools and parts used daily to secure a type of machinery. While you may be familiar with nuts, screws, bolts, and locks – sometimes these aren’t enough, and you might need something simple but can do the trick. They are called washers, just fasteners that come in various sizes applied between your mounting surface and your fastener. You can get these from a Washers Manufacturer in India, like Intact Fasteners. Here, you can find all types of washers made with different materials in various sizes.

Intact Fasteners is a famous manufacturer in India that mainly sells washers. They offer standard and customized washers, which is why they have clients worldwide ordering from them. But what are the uses of washers? Why are these important in your work? Let’s find out here.

Washers Manufacturer in India

Preventing Friction

Friction can happen if two things are moving in opposite directions continuously. Such as, in robotics, friction may occur if there isn’t something applied in between these two things. That’s why washers are needed to prevent friction since it’s a circular disc used to put between the mounting surface and the fastener. If there’s no washer in between, the two materials can get damaged due to them rubbing together. So washer is a crucial part of any machinery that can reduce the likelihood of friction. Hence, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged right away.

Help in Distributing Tensile Load

Another use for washers is to help distribute the tensile load. As a screw enters a material when applying a torque, it can create an indentation. However, you can prevent brinelling from happening when you apply a washer in between to help distribute the load. Many professionals use washers all the time due to this, but it’s most useful when you’re installing insulation foam on the interior walls.

High-Quality Fasteners from the Best Washers Manufacturers

You Can Prevent Loosening

A fastener can get loose due to many different factors. For instance, the machinery is vibrating all the time. Due to some reason, it can easily loose your fastener. During these times, it can be very dangerous, especially if you’re handling a piece of heavy machinery that needs to stay put in one place. Thankfully, you can prevent any loosened ends from happening if you use a washer. The specific type of washer used in these cases is a spring washer. These are designed with a slightly cupped shape that will exert pressure over the contact edges of the washer. As a result, the pressure can keep the hold stronger.

Preventing Galvanic Corrosion

Suppose two materials rubbing against each other are made of different materials, then galvanic corrosion may occur. Even if they aren’t wet all the time, the moisture in the air can cause that. So to prevent corrosion from happening, you can use a washer in between. The chemical reaction can damage the machinery, and a simple washer can do the trick. However, choose a washer made out of a non-conductive material.