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How sugaring is done

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Sugaring is a “pull” method of hair removal . The components of the sugar paste are melted with the heat of a small stove. Once it has cooled or reached room temperature, the mixture obtained is spread over the area to be epilated with the fingertips and works to capture and remove the hair (even the thinnest and shortest ones), essentially without adhering too much to the epidermis spa franchise opportunities in Florida.

The gestures of applying and removing the sugar paste adhering to the skin resemble a kind of massage . Traction must be exerted, in fact, in the direction of hair growth to minimize the breakage of the shaft, which we remember is the cause of ingrown hairs.

After epilation, the skin is washed with a neutral liquid detergent (no soap !) And the application of a soothing gel or a vegetable oil -based emulsion completes the treatment (e.g. sweet almond oil , aloe, calendula , chamomile etc.) to speed up the skin repair process.

Results and duration of Sugaring

Sugaring is a practice especially suitable for eliminating shorter hairs and can be used with peace of mind even for sensitive areas. If the procedure is done correctly, the hair is removed from the root and takes up to 3-4 weeks to grow back, extending the frequency of hair removal.

Sugaring seems to be a more “delicate” method, but it still involves the extraction of the hair root from the follicle: compared to hot waxing (more adhesive), the traction of the sugar paste could be less traumatic as it follows the direction hair growth, but it is always a subjective matter.

Which areas of the body can be epilated with sugaring?

Sugaring is used for the removal of hair all over the body: eyebrows , armpits , arms, legs, pubic area etc. Sugar epilation is so delicate that it can also be done on the abdomen, mammary areola and groin. Additionally, sugaring is commonly used over waxing when it reaches to eliminating hair from vaster regions of skin.

Before Sugaring: how to prepare the skin

Hair removal with sugar involves an initial preparation, which consists in cleansing and exfoliating the skin from any impurities and dead cells. This allows you to remove dirt residues or any substance that may affect the outcome of the treatment. In other words, the area to be epilated must be clean and dry.