How To Predict Weather- Interesting Facts

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Predicting weather conditions is very difficult as the atmosphere is constantly changing. These predictions are done by the weather forecasters who analyze the information from the number of sources they receive, like local weather observers, weather balloons, weather stations, and satellites. NASA has a train of satellites called the afternoon constellation, which is a nickname as a- train.

These satellites are orbiting the earth, collectingthe weather and climate change data, which helps in predicting. Also, two more satellites, known as the cloud Sat and Calypso, ready to be launched in some days. One of the ways to improve weather prediction is to develop be new technologies that help to get understand the atmospheric conditions, and the use of satellites helps in better weather  prediction

Why we need weather prediction

  • Farmers should know the best time of crop growing and harvesting.
  • The airplane schedule dependedon climatic conditions to know the proper path and needed during landings and take-offs.
  • Weather forecast helps a lot of people to get aware of natural calamities like severe storms and cyclones.
  • Most of us want to know the proper weather conditions in our day-to-day lives during work and school.

Storm glass- weather prediction

The storm glass is a glass containerthat includes some liquid content and crystal substance inside it, which can change according to the weather conditions. It is known to be the real scientific thing that works, mostly used in ships to know the proper weather condition.

We, Will, know about the best storm glass availablework effectively, which is assured from positive reviews.  Constantinople Strom glass is one of the best weather prediction storm glassin which the crystallization present inside the glass drop changes according to current weather.