Jallikattu Uses A Violent Conflict Between Man And Animal

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The whole past year has been a disaster for the entertainment industry. We have missed going to the cinema halls and enjoying various Telugu new movies on the big screen. The Covid pandemic has brought a huge change in the entertainment industry. Many movies and shows are now premiering on the OTT platforms to watch some amazing shows and Telugu new movies without having to go to the theatres.

OTT platforms like aha have made it possible for the audience to enjoy action movies online without having to go out of the house in this time of the pandemic. One such blockbuster action movie is Jallikattu that showcases a violent conflict between a man and an animal that was loved by a lot of people. The movie has received praise from critics worldwide.

Jallikattu follows an interesting storyline following Antony, played by Antony Varghese, who is a butcher and his assistant KalamVarkey played by Chemban Vinod. The plot of this story is as follows:

Antony and Varkey slaughter a buffalo every dawn and sells its meat to the villagers throughout the day. This is their daily routine, but one day the buffalo that they were about to slaughter slips and escapes into the nearby hilly forest. Antony and Varkey run behind the buffalo to catch it. Soon the villagers come to know about the escaped buffalo and start trying different tactics to catch the animal and become a hero. A lot of mess and chaos is created in this catching game.

The whole film is based on the premise of being able to catch the escaped buffalo. Along with Antony and Chemban, the film also stars Santhy Balachandran, SabumonAbdusamad, TippuPappachan and many others as supporting cast.

The movie was basically made in Malayalam language and released on Amazon Prime Video. Later dubbed version of this movie was released and is now available to be seen on Aha.

The movie’s direction is done by Lijo Jose Pellissery, who got the best director award at the International Film Festival of India and the Kerela State Film Festival. The film got multiple other awards like Best Cinematography and Best Original Music in Asian Film Award and Best Sound Mixing in Kerela State Film Awards. The film was India’s entry at the 93rd Academy Awards as a nomination for Best International Feature Film but did not win the award.

The film was premiered in its primary language at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival and was widely praised around the globe. The screenplay of the movie is played forward by S. Hareesh and R. Jayakumar. Jallikattu was produced by O. Thomas Panicker, and the music was given by Prashant Pillai.

Jallikattu is a perfect choice for all those people who wish to enjoy their time watching action movies online on OTT platforms like Aha.