Men's swimsuits: better briefs or boxers

Men’s swimsuits: better briefs or boxers?

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The costume fitting is not a purely female problem. Men are also asked to choose between different models to wear on the beach, and if for women the eternal dilemma involves bikinis and one-piece swimsuit, in their case the choice is reduced to briefs and boxers Daily Jocks.

There are no universal rules that can lead to prefer one or the other type of male costume, but the choice must be made based on your body type and the occasion in which you intend to show off the garment. Having said that, let’s try to understand if it is appropriate to focus on briefs or boxers.


The boxers are a type of garment more reassuring than the slip, and are available in different models and sizes. If mother nature has endowed you with a sculptural physique you can dare with a tight model, while if you do not feel particularly comfortable you can always choose a larger model, which does not highlight your imperfections.

As for the length , however, prefer mid-thigh swimsuits if you don’t want to give up the tan. If not, you can opt for the knee-length boxers . Warning: this model, if too long or wide, risks shortening the leg and should be avoided if you are not very tall. Choose the color according to your skin tone. The boxers are however available in the most varied patterns, from tropical to Hawaiian, through abstract and written designs.

These costumes also have a great advantage: they can be used as shorts paired with a shirt. Just play with the patterns to create a perfect look both on the beach and in the city.

The slip

The brief remains a garment most recommended for those who swim or have a sculpted physique and steel abs. This costume remains the best ally of suntan lovers, and can give more impetus to people who are not really tall.

Regarding the colors, also in this case we advise you to choose them according to your complexion. In any case, the white slip should be avoided, too similar to an undergarment and therefore not very elegant.

Unlike the boxer shorts, the slip swimsuit is not particularly versatile: the only places where you can show it off are beaches and swimming pools, perhaps combining a tank top for your walks on the water’s edge. For an ice cream in the center after the sea, however, you will be forced to wear a pair of shorts: walking in briefs, however colorful and imaginative they may be, is not the height of elegance.

How to choose men’s sportswear

If we say sportswear, the first thing that comes to mind are tracksuits and sneakers; but by sports ‘clothing’ we now mean informal and casual clothing, comfortable and functional, not necessarily sport-oriented. Choosing the right ‘sports’ clothing without spending too much is easy!