Movies aha Says Are So Scary, Viewers Can’t Finish Them

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Horror movies have their own charm and attraction. They have a separate set of audiences that is forever eager to watch murderers and monsters jump out of nowhere and stalk through haunted houses. It would not be an exaggeration to state that they are the cornerstone of any film industry. Like romantic, action, comedy, and drama films, horror movies also attract many audiences. But the question that still bothers many is why, despite all the bloodshed and scary scenes, do people enjoy watching horror movies? In essence, they want to understand what makes a horror movie a horror movie? Today’s post attempts to list some reasons why OTT platforms like Aha need to include horror movies in their repertoire despite offering viewers some of the best HD full Telugu movies ¬†belonging to other genres. Also, we will review two movies that are so scary that viewers cannot even finish watching them. But first, the reasons.

The first reason is the hidden treasure that a horror film is. Horror movies are not merely a piece of art containing trash and vulgarity, as people view them to be, but are films that give birth to several innovative ideas and involve a lot of creativity.

The second reason for their popularity lies within our fascination for psychotics, monsters, and serial killers. Other theories include the adrenaline-spike that horror movies offer, especially to youngsters, and their ability to bring people close because of fear.

Aha is an OTT platform that offers its audiences a vast collection of online content across genres such as horror, drama, romance, action, comedy, etc. It is an on-demand online video-streaming platform that caters exclusively to Telugu audiences.

In our endeavor to bring you the best movie reviews, we bring you two of the scariest movies streaming on Aha that are sure to provide you a hair-raising experience.

  1. Jessie

Jessie is the story of a group of professional ghost hunters who are out to search a house located far off to investigate the case of two sisters, Amy and Jessie, who are missing. During their hunt, they discover some unusual events involving the two sisters. The remainder of the film answers questions like, who are the two sisters? What is their story? What is their relation with the house? Will the ghost hunters ever be able to solve the mystery behind the two missing sisters?

Watch the movie for its brilliant performances, excellent cinematography, and the psychological horror-thriller that it is.

  1. Zombie Reddy

Zombie Reddy is about Mario (TejaSajja), a game developer facing trouble handling his gaming software. Aware that his friend (RJ Hemanth) is the only person who can fix the issue, Mario and his friends head to a small town in Kurnool. While they are on their way, one of Mario’s friends (Kiereeti) is bitten by a crazy guy. The infection soon starts spreading, and people start becoming zombies. The rest of Zombie Reddy’s story shows how Mario comes unscathed out of this deadly situation.

With its decent humor quotient, engaging thrills, and a good premise, Zombie Reddy is a must-watch movie.

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