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Must-Have Scientific Equipment In A Start-up Laboratory

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Getting the proper equipment for your laboratory will ensure that your work is done accurately and efficiently. This will allow you to save more time and money by enabling your staff to execute more tests and trials, do more research, analyze information, and deliver more. To help prepare your startup lab, here’s a list of the must-have scientific equipment for all laboratories to ensure their productivity and performance. Your company should meet your customers’ demands.

Benchtop Centrifuge

Tabletop centrifuges are also known as “benchtop centrifuges” or simply “lab centrifuges” are a staple for all science laboratories because they make it much easier to collect and filter suspended particles. The centrifuges separate or concentrate various substances that are suspended in a liquid medium by density. It is also used for tissue culture, DNA/RNA research, cell harvesting, as well as protein work.

Circulating Chiller

The circulating chillers or coolers provide a constant and reliable source of liquid coolant for cooling. This equipment is mainly used in laboratory, clinical, or industrial applications. The laboratory chillers for example remove heat from one object and then transfer it to another by means of a liquid.

Hotplate Stirrer

This equipment is a must-have in all laboratories. The hot plate magnetic stirrer or commonly known as the hot plate stirrer is a laboratory instrument that is used to simultaneously stir and heat a solution. This process helps the laboratory staff performing the experiment to speed up the reaction process and properly dissolve the solute in the solvent.

Laboratory Incubator

This laboratory equipment provides a controlled and contaminant-free environment to ensure safety and reliability when working with cell and tissue cultures. It provides proper regulation of temperature, humidity, and CO2. The microbiological incubators for example are used for the growth and storage of bacterial cultures.

laboratory equipment

Laboratory Microscope

A laboratory will never be complete without a microscope. This produces clear and high-quality images. It can be an optical microscope or a scanning probe microscope. But most laboratories prefer to have both as they are used in various imaging tasks.


Your laboratory technician will not be able to test samples without the pipettes. These are used to measure or transfer small quantities of liquid. This is such tiny equipment but without it, it will make certain laboratory procedures impossible to go on. Transferring liquids from one location to another without the pipette will not only be messy but unsafe too.

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