Select the right straightener for your hair type

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Your second hair tool purchase, after your hair dryer, was presumably a set of hair straighteners. They’re an essential tool in your hair toolbox for taming frizz and achieving sleek styles. Today’s top hair straighteners are smooth in a matter of seconds while still being gentle on hair.

The secret to having shiny, smooth hair is to use flat irons or straighteners. Hair straighteners have multiple uses; in addition to straightening, they can also be used to curl hair. There are plenty of different straighteners available in a variety of sizes, materials, and forms, making it difficult to choose which one to buy. To avoid harming your priceless strands, make wise decisions.

These days’ straighteners are also extremely intelligent, featuring temperature control, specialized plates, and frizz-fighting technology. Don’t undervalue the significance of selecting your next set of straighteners. Make sure to buy one after paying close attention to the thickness and structure of your hair. Choose a comb with broader plates that can hold on to a large portion of hair at a time and glide smoothly if you have thick, coarse hair.

Type of hair: Thick hair       

A straightener with greater heat settings is preferable. You may straighten your hair with this in just one or two strokes. A low-temperature setting will force you to repeatedly pass over the same part of the hair, increasing the risk of cuticle damage.

Selecting a titanium plate straightener for thick hair, Titanium heats up quickly and maintains a constant temperature. It is simpler to straighten thick hair because these plates heat up quickly and retain a high temperature. By avoiding repeatedly going over the same part of the hair, the damage is minimized.