Top Reasons Why Your PC is Performing Slow

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Many Windows users have experienced slow computer. There are a lot of asons why your computer is running slow. Hence, it is very important you identify the problems at the earliest and restore your PC performance to normal. Given is the list of some common problems, which lead to the slow performing PCs or for more tips visit penloree.

Your PC Gets Infected With Virus

Malware are the type of programs that come without your consent and resulting in mild or severe damage as per the kind of virus you are dealing with. These programs will run silently on your PC and use huge amount of the device’s resources, and resulting in slower computer.

Fix it: Ensure you install the reliable anti-virus program on your computer & run it to get rid of any infected programs. When malware gets removed, make sure to download programs from the trusted sources only and avoid downloading the infected programs.

When Many Programs Are Open

When you keep multiple tabs or programs open in the browser for reference — and if they auto-refresh or download and rotate ads, then you can see some serious difference. Additionally, popular apps store a huge amount of cache that can slow down your PC.

Fix it: Stop any programs or shut down your PC, or stick with one browser window. If you wish to save several tabs and links for your future reference, then use Bookmark option.

Hard Drive Gets Full

Your PC will slow down when the hard drive gets over 95% full. At such point, there’s enough space left to save temporary files needed to operate programs, hence OS does not know how to function properly.

Fix it: Most of the space in hard drive is reserved by programs, downloads and updates, and temporary files or associated files of the deleted programs, once you empty the trash you can clear large amount of space.