What are property management services

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Property management services refer to a person or company hired to control the maintenance and lease of a particular property. The property manager can be hired to manage residential and commercial properties as per the client’s needs. While some property managers are only hired to find and screen potential tenants or tenants, others are retained after contractual arrangements have been reached to keep the property. Some of the key roles of property management services include screening prospective tenants based on the owner’s specifications, maintaining communication between the landlord and tenant, and scheduling regular and as needed maintenance on the property

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One of the main roles of the rental property manager is to screen potential tenants interested in renting or leasing a particular property. This role can be the responsibility of both residential and commercial property managers. The screening process will often depend on a set of qualification criteria defined by the property owner. The screening process could include a background check, a credit check, and a baseline check.

During the screening process and after the residence agreement has been established, the property management services may be responsible for maintaining communication between the owner of the property and the tenant or prospective tenant. This communication can end after the lease is signed, but it could continue if the landlord wishes to maintain a link to buffer his communication with the tenant. This is often the case if the owner lives away from the property’s location.

Property management services don’t have to stop at communication and screening roles. Some companies will also be contracted to handle the maintenance and upkeep of the property during the lease or between leases. The owner often leaves the maintenance choices to the residential property manager or commercial property manager if they fall within a certain cost. If maintenance or repair will cost more than the stated amount, the company may be required to contact the owner before proceeding with any repairs.